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Downloads > Remote Disconnection Utility

Please note: the Remote Disconnection Utility (RDU) is no longer officially supported. You may download the program but we will not be able to assist if you have any problems using it.

Using Internet Connection Sharing (ICS) or another Proxy server to share one modem across your local area network? Wish you could control the modem from any machine? Now you can!

Twiga's Remote Disconnection Utility (RDU) is comprised of two applications - one which runs on the server (the PC with the modem) and one which runs on the clients (any other machine accessing the modem on the server). The utility has the following features:

  • If any user selects the RDU's 'Disconnect' option, all other users are prompted to 'OK' or 'Cancel' the disconnection request. This ensures that no user can disconnect the modem whilst another user still needs the connection.

  • In the RDU server application the user can specify how long the disconnection prompt is displayed for. If any user does not respond within the specified time, the utility assumes that the user does not require the connection.

  • All clients have the option to be alerted when the server modem connects.

  • When the server modem is disconnected, users can select any Dial-Up Networking account on the server and connect the modem to it.

  • All users have the option to 'lock' the connection, preventing any other RDU user from disconnecting.

  • The server application can prevent the modem from connecting (useful if the server user wants to use the phone line that the modem is connected to).

  • Both applications run in the task tray with an icon that clearly indicates whether clients are connected to the server and whether the server modem is connected.

Best of all ... it's free!

The current release of RDU is V1.1 (14/04/2000).


rdusetup.exe (1750kb) - full setup utility for new users

rduexes.exe (247kb) - self-extracting zip file of the latest RDU EXE's for existing users.

Disk 1 and Disk 2 - full RDU setup utility for new users split into two parts for distribution on floppy disks.

rdserver.exe (224kb) - updated RDU server that recognises connections made with ISDN / DSL devices. Overwrite the RDServer.exe installed by the RDU setup utility with this file.